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"If The Economy Is Pinching Your Pocketbook Or Your Garage or Storage Areas are Filled With Things You Haven't Used For Years, Just Taking Up Space -- Why Not "Turn Your Trash Into Cash" Today? - 100% Guaranteed!"

From: James B. Savage, Author of "Sell It Fast!"

Dear Friend:

How would you like to quickly put hundreds of dollars in extra cash in your pocket? Are you finally ready to clear out that cluttered closet, basement, attic, garage, or storage area? Has the economy got you pinched right now, needing some extra cash fast?

If so, and you are ready to do something about it and easily start stuffing cash into your pockets NOW, then this could just be the most important letter that you'll read this year.

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There is No Reason For YOU to Be Left On The Sidelines Watching While Other People Are Making Huge, Almost 'Obscene' Amounts of Money Fast and Easy by Simply Knowing How to Use Classified Ads Correctly -- Both, Online and Offline!

Picture what it would be like to have a few hundred or even thousand extra dollars in CASH money, just by getting rid of those unwanted items sitting around your house...

Things like your old...

  • CAR
  • ATV

OR Anything Else That Has Value...

Imagine going to your mailbox or checking your PayPal account tomorrow morning and finding an extra $100, $200, or even $1,000 in there!

FACT: As amazing as it sounds, this is possible because classified ads, (done CORRECTLY) have been putting this kind of money in peoples' pockets since the beginning of advertising. The key is knowing how to write and place the ads the right way, so you get immediate results... which I show you how to simply and easily do inside of Sell It Fast™...

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I'm all revved up to share the secrets of how I've personally done it with you. I KNOW that if you apply these simple tactics, you will be well on your way to quickly getting cash in your pockets and finally clearing out the clutter.

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I know you might be thinking that classified advertising is old-school... because the "internet is taking over the world" but the fact is, well written ads placed anywhere, whether online or offline - WORK... they GET RESULTS.

The KEY is knowing what words work, what phrases to avoid, and how to position your ads to get the results YOU want.

In my book, Sell It Fast™, I reveal the easiest and most effective methods for selling those unwanted items that clutter-up your home.

Many people think that selling, especially using Classified Ads, is expensive, difficult to learn, and A real hassle... Nothing could be further from the truth, once you understand how to do it correctly.

My Method Is Amazingly Simple (hey, if I can do it, trust me.. so can you!), low-cost, easy to do, and includes FREE Advertising methods and secrets that you probably don't even know exist.

In fact, I Reveal Some Of The Best FREE And Low-Cost Advertising Available so you will save money while quickly selling your unwanted things.

These FREE and low-cost selling methods have Proven to work for me for the past 15 years, and I've helped many others just like you, use the methods in Sell It Fast to get incredible results too... I'm very confident they will work for YOU as well... in fact, I guarantee it.

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Do You Have Things That You Would Like To Sell,
But You Think The HASSLE, EXPENSE, AND TIME It Takes Just Wouldn't Be Worth It?

Maybe you don't have the first clue about how to go about selling things that you no longer want or need... I know that it can seem FRUSTRATING!

If you are confused, frustrated or even a bit doubtful... there's Something New And Exciting that I know will help you to...

Sell Almost ANYTHING Fast

Remove all of the confusion and frustration... discover how to sell almost anything you have sitting around and want to get rid of quickly, easily, and simply with proven, already done for you, step-by-step formula's so easy a 5th grader can use them!


Sell It Fast!

The only book you will ever need to help you clearly, and simply KNOW how to...

  • Quickly find the right buyers for whatever you are selling...
  • Advertise FREE or at very little out of pocket cost.
  • Easily make your ad Stand Out from all others

And discover the Only Tried And True, PROVEN, methods that I know of to...


I've been using and sharing these techniques for many years and I still use them today, because they WORK... and they will work for you too.

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With my proven methods for successful FREE AND LOW-COST classified advertising, you will not only become an expert in selling your own used items, you can actually make extra income selling with classified ads as a hobby, which could really help in these challenging economic times.

In fact, you could even use Sell It Fast™ to discover how you can use classified ads to create a consistent, part time, extra income if you like!

Imagine opening up a whole new world for you and your family just by advertising in the classified sections of newspapers or online on websites like!

Here's what I mean: Whatever you are passionate about, can MAKE YOU EXTRA INCOME using classified advertising!

Do you collect things? Do you have a hobby? Are you interested in things like small engines, art, antique farm equipment, crafts, etc? My book, SELL IT FAST! - Teaches you how to take a passion and turn it into a business. Re-selling items can be VERY PROFITABLE when you know the ins and outs of classified advertising.

You'll Increase Your Income While Having A Good Time!

That's how making money SHOULD be! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to discover how to sell your unwanted items the easy way... FINALLY!

Do you know why some people seem to be able to sell things quickly, easily, and profitably and why others can't sell anything, no matter what they try?

It's because there are very specific, proven, successful KEYS... established methods for selling, using classified ads, that some people know and others never figure out.

My book, Sell It Fast!™ gives YOU the power to sell effectively and profitably EVERY single time by sharing these secret formulas with you.

Now's The Time To Put Your Plan Into Action!

SELL IT FAST!™ will forever change the way you look at classified advertising.

  • Whether you just want to sell the things around the house you no longer need or want anymore...

  • Or if you want to sell equipment from your business to get capital for growth

  • Or if you just want peace of mind from knowing how to sell for a profit quickly and easily, in the comfort of your home without wasting time and money

... there is help for you in Sell It Fast!™

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Here's more great benefits you'll immediately get after you download your copy of Sell It Fast! in the next few minutes...

  • Discover The Art of Creative Selling so you can successfully sell almost ANYTHING you want to, easily and quickly... and for top dollar!

  • End Your Struggles of trying to write a winning classified ad - I've included dozens of proven ads for you to use in the book already!

  • If you'd prefer, you can write your own perfect ad in a snap with my "Easy Ad Forms" which use proven layouts and ad structures to guarantee your ad's are the absolute best they can be.

  • No more wasting time and money advertising with unproven, un-tested, weak or ineffective ad's - you now have proven ads AND insider tricks and tips on how to place your ads so they get RESULTS (knowing where to place your ads is sometimes MORE important than the ad itself!)

  • Learn how to use FREE and LOW-COST advertising effectively and how to find these secret tools used by ad-maniacs (like myself ;-) who make a killing using these powerful hidden resources.

  • Discover how to ATTRACT only INTERESTED Buyers... No more hassles from insincere, "tire-kicker," callers.

  • 2 Critical Things you MUST do to your ad to make it work like a MAGNET attracting your target market buyers.

  • Find out my proven methods for reducing or even eliminating altogether unnecessary, time-wasting, calls from people who are not ready to buy yet.

  • Discover powerful, results getting, hidden places where you can advertise for little or no cost that get GREAT responses and that you may have overlooked or perhaps aren't even aware of (yet!)

  • Learn how to price your used or unwanted items so they sell FAST and for Top Dollar!

  • Forget about the confusion and frustration... No more wondering "How do I sell my stuff" - Discover the Keys to the Vault for selling anything successfully using classified ads online or offline in this comprehensive, 141 page manual, Sell It Fast!™, that covers it ALL for you...

  • Find out the #1 Secret to getting the best price on your car and other items!

  • And... a Whole Lot More!

Get your copy of this amazing book today and instantly download it to your computer or order your own Paperback copy for your bookshelf through Amazon, and you will know every insider secret to selling ANYTHING using PROVEN classified ads, both online and offline...

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Also, You will learn how to recognize rip-off artists who only want to take advantage of you. I'll show you how to spot a thief, so you can avoid them like the plague.

Learn The Secrets To Successful Classified Advertising, and reap the rewards for the rest of your life.

By now you should be able to see that you can achieve better results, easier and more simply, than ever before, and benefit from FREE and low-cost ads using proven marketing tactics and strategies, which I clearly lay-out in Sell It Fast!™ for you to follow.

The pace of life and the economy are hard enough these days, don't waste your time and money with bad advertising or unproven, trial-and-error, practices and methods...

You Are Seconds Away From Discovering How To Stuff Your Pockets With New CASH And Unlock The Secret to Selling Almost Anything, FAST And EASY, Using Simple Classified Ads!

Sell It Fast!™ is a book you will go back to time and time again, whenever you want to sell anything... and you will be so good at it, that you may find yourself selling with classified ads as a full time hobby you'll enjoy it so much! (The cash you'll make is nice too, of course!)

I know to some of you, this sounds too good to be true and if I were you I'd be wondering… Is This A Bunch Of Hype?

My promise to you is that this Proven System Works and you can put it to work for yourself, easily and quickly... I believe it so firmly, that I've even included a full 60 day money back, no questions asked, guarantee below... so all of the risk is on my shoulders to prove to you how well what I teach works.

You will learn how I sold a $5,500 lawn mower in the middle of December using these proven methods... and the best part is - it didn't cost me a penny to advertise it! 

I'll share many other examples of how I've used this system for myself and helped my friends and family to do the same thing... 

This system is so easy and I KNOW you will immediately see results from putting what I share with you to action.

You Have Nothing To Lose...

I'm so sure you will learn how to successfully sell anything you want to, using the information inside of Sell It Fast!™, and that you'll be amazed at how simple it really is, that I'm giving you a full 60 days to put my methods to the test.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the results that you get from my proven system, I will issue you a full, HASSLE FREE refund with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

I can offer this strong guarantee because I know that if you truly use my selling strategies and tactics, you will realize the lifetime value of this information and that it is worth far more than you will invest today.

To Make This An Even Better, No-Brainer, Opportunity, For a Limited Time ONLY...

I want to offer you something very special. When you order Sell It Fast!™ today - You'll receive ABSOLUTELY FREE, a very special report I've written on How To Negotiate The Best Deal On A Car (And Stop Paying Too Much)!

This report will explain how you can turn the table on a car salesperson and buy an automobile at its real value or BELOW it!

Get my best selling Book Sell It Fast!™ and the Special Report; "How To Negotiate The Best Deal On A Car..." for the Limited Time ONLY, Introductory Price Of Just $39.95 $17!

That's NOT a typo... for a LIMITED TIME, (because you have helped my book become so successful online that I'm now selling the Paperback version on Amazon!), you can get your copy for only $39.95 $17!

AND I'm also giving you a BONUS copy of my Special Report "How To Negotiate The Best Deal On A Car...".

Plus, Don't Forget... That's with my Full 60 Day, No-Questions-Asked, Money-Back Guarantee.

So get in on the fun, the profit, and this LIMITED TIME low price and be one of an exclusive group of action-taking individuals who undertand the powerful secrets of using classified ads to…


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So, all of the risk is on me!

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James B. Savage
Author, Sell It Fast!™

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